What do I need to bring?

The most important thing is a trusted firearm or bow. Our guides will put you on the animals, but it does no good if you are uncomfortable with your weapon. A wounded animal is considered a dead animal and ends your hunt.

It is also important to bring the right clothing to ensure comfort during the hunt. Weather in Oklahoma can change in a hurry. It may be freezing in the morning and hot by early afternoon. The best thing to do is pack camouflage that will allow you to layer up if necessary.

Optics such as binoculars, range finders and a camera (for trophy photos).

You are welcome to bring your own calls, but if you are with one of our guides they will have their own with them so they can call for you.

Do I need a hunting license?

Yes. For free range whitetail, turkey, or bowfishing you will need licenses and tags. To hunt the high-fenced property you will still need an Oklahoma hunting license, but you do not need to buy tags. If you have any questions about which tags you need call Joshua Jones at 405-714-0555.

Will I have a guide with me?

Yes and no. For all trophy class hunts you must be
accompanied by a guide. Your guide will assist you in field scoring animals seen during the hunt. For on trophy hunts (fallow does and cow elk), free range whitetail and turkey you can choose to do a fully guided (with a guide) or semi guided hunt (guide will drop you off and pick you up).

What caliber should I use for elk hunting?

We have a minimum caliber requirement of .270 or bigger at Hickory Ridge for all elk hunts. Most hunters prefer something in the range of 7mm-08 to 30-06, .300 are also very popular. We would not recommend anything much bigger than a .300 though as you are looking at damaging a lot of meat if you use anything bigger.

Can I use a bow?

Yes. The crew at Hickory Ridge Ranch are avid bow hunters. We know the needs of archers and have set stand sites in perfect positions for archery hunting.

When is the best time to hunt elk?

Elk hunts at Hickory Ridge start around September 20th. We stop hunting cows by the end of October to avoid shooting pregnant cows. Bull hunts continue through January until they start dropping their antlers. Though we hunt bulls through January the best time to hunt them is from the last week of September through the first two weeks of October. During this time the rut is in full swing and bulls are bugling their heads off. They will continue bugling into early November, but these early season hunts are the certainly the most exciting!

When is the best time to hunt whitetail?

Deer season in Oklahoma opens on October 1st and runs until January 15th. For free range hunters you are limited to the seasons set by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. On the high fence property we usually conduct our hunts for whitetail within this same time period, but we are not limited to the ODWC seasons for method of take. The peak of the rut at Hickory Ridge is normally within the period of November 1st-20th. This varies from year to year based off moon phase and weather. For free range hunters this often limits you to the Oklahoma muzzleloader season, however on the high-fence we can hunt any method of take.